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41 Oak Street
This property was purchased by a private owner who contracted LC to build a two-family house. Ultimately, the architectural design was changed and three large condominiums were built. The 41 Oak project was LC Homebuilder’s first time building for private developers. The project was brought in on time and on budget. The total revenue for this project was more than $400,000.

Mt. Prospect Ave
Newark, NJ: This three family house became a large two family house based on a complete reconstruction by LCHB. Our extensive experience in urban rehab qualified this structure for a five star energy rating.

Storms Ave in Jersey City
LCHB built two two-family homes for Jersey City Episcopal Community Development Corporation. Part of the contract also involved the construction of a community garden on a large lot behind the two houses. An interesting feature of this project was using the storm water from the site to provide rain water to the garden during the growing season. The homes had an attractive design and were both handicapped accessible from the back.

The Mytle/Grant project was another collaboration with the Jersey City Episcopal Community development Corporation. On this project four two-family affordable houses were built. With generous living spaces and a neat appearance, these houses are fine examples of urban development using a limited budget.